Crezca Teatro es un proyecto de creación de teatro con y para nuestro hablar español y de la comunidad bilingüe en la zona norte de Los Ángeles.


Un programa de extensión comunitaria del Festival Shakespeare de Santa Clarita

CREZCA is a project to create theater with and for our Spanish speaking and bilingual community in the north of Los Angeles.

A community outreach program of the Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival

AMÁLI ~ 2015

La primera producción de Crezca

Carla Corona - Productora Associada/Associate Producer

Sayda Trujillo & Juan Parada - Artistas educativa y directores/Teaching Artist and Director

Victor Vazquez - Dramaturgo/Playwright

Gerardo Davalos - Títere del artista/Puppet Artist

AMÁLI is a play about three generations of women, motherhood, legacy, ASL, how we communicate with one another, accepting disability, building home, the stigma that a person who is different/disabled will not have love, and the ephemeral nature of memory, our bodies, dreams and love. It is a poem for the stage.

CAST: Marie Besanilla Maya Julyana Carvalho Ensemble Sandra Gannon Adela Sofia Gannon Amáli/Ensemble Amber Torres Angie/Ensemble

MEaningful~ 2016

Carla Corona - Productora Associada/Associate Producer

Megan Nevels - Artistas educativa y directores/Teaching Artist and Director

Victor Vazquez - Dramaturgo/Playwright

Cast: Alex Lara, Eric Perry, Hginy Alcantara, Jean Monte, Kimberlee Rodriguez, Shamsher Warudkar, Tyler Fix-Mercy, Simone Kastner

A new play that integrates social media and is inspired by local stories regarding sexual and dating/domestic violence to educate on the importance of Healthy Relationships while highlighting local resources. This play integrates social media as part of the story-telling process. Follow the story on SnapChat for a behind the scenes look at the story and the characters. Meaningful is commissioned by the Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival/Crezca Teatro in partnership with Valley Oasis, funded in part by the California Arts Council, Local Impact grant. Sponsored by Antelope Valley College Student Health.

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